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Real Wedding | Jaclyn & Craig

I love that by choosing a black Vera Wang dress I really got to incorporate my sense of style into the day! … Read More >

Picture 18

Real Wedding | Kristen & Michael

What girl doesn’t want to wear Vera on their wedding day? … Read More >


The Ring

Rings reflect the tastes and the personalities of the giver and the recipient … Read More >

Photography: Paolo Roversi

All About Lace

The ultimate wedding fabric … Read More >

Photography: Paolo Roversi

On Scent | The Significance of a Fragrance

A wedding fragrance is the most fragile adornment a bride can wear… … Read More >


Flowers | A Definition of Beauty

No matter what your preference, flowers can be a welcome aromatic addition and a creative tool for self-expression … Read More >


Getting Ready | Figuratively and Literally

A polished appearance is the best complement to any gown … Read More >

On Weddings


Vera Wang on Weddings discusses the bridal gown topic of Ornamentation … Read More >

V's World

The World According to V | Spring 2013 Runway Looks

Vera finalizing runway looks illustrated by Rebecca Moses … Read More >

Full Sleeves

Full Sleeves

A tiny pouf or Juliette sleeve is even more extreme than a cap sleeve. Perfect arms, however, are a prerequisite. … Read More >

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