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Gisele Gown

Behind the Dress: Gisele

To me, Gisele is a perfect illustration of an aesthetic philosophy that I’ve spent so much of my time cultivating. … Read More >

Erica Gown

Behind the Dress: Erica Gown

This is a truly luxurious gown: it isn’t meant to be subtle! … Read More >

Felicity Gown

Behind the Dress: Felicity Gown

In Felicity, the hand-painted lace provides a charming counterpoint to the more sophisticated architectural dresses in this collection. … Read More >

Fiona Gown

Behind the Dress: Fiona Gown

Weddings are about the poignancy of two people coming together, and in Fiona that poignancy is reflected in the drama of a very striking bodice against a heart-melting skirt. … Read More >

Faye Gown

Behind the Dress: Faye Gown

Faye is my study in the art of transparency. … Read More >

Freya Gown

Behind the Dress: Freya Gown

The draped peplum is the center of attention in this gown, and it gives a bold, architectural emphasis to the silhouette. … Read More >

Francesca Gown

Behind the Dress: Francesca

I often use the corset as my starting point for a dress when I’m looking to create a very sculptural, architectural effect. … Read More >

Floating Organza

Sketchbook: Floating Organza

The sketches for the floating organza flower petal waist sash and wrist corsage show how details help create the overall look. … Read More >

Farrah Gown

Behind the Dress: Farrah Gown

For Farrah I went in a lavish direction with the floral inspiration of the collection. … Read More >

Freida Gown

Behind the Dress: Freida Gown

At first sight, Freida has a very traditional, conservative effect, and appears to be draped all over in lace. … Read More >

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