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Gabriela Gown

Behind the Dress: Gabriela

I’ve always believed in adding a bit of seduction to the wedding day. The trick is to do it elegantly. … Read More >

Gloria Gown

Behind the Dress: Gloria

I always want my clothes to be easy, modern deconstructions of the classics. … Read More >

Gwendolyn Gown

Behind the Dress: Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn is like a cascading waterfall, or rushing stream—this dress is in motion everywhere, at all times, from head to toe. … Read More >

Gracie Gown

Behind the Dress: Gracie

A sense of motion and a feeling of fluidity are two things that I always try to impart in my wedding dresses. … Read More >

Glenda Gown

Behind the Dress: Glenda

There’s an innocence to Glenda, a simplicity that’s so much a part of the classic, particularly American wedding tradition. … Read More >

Gretchen Gown

Behind the Dress: Gretchen

I see the Gretchen bride as someone who definitely wants all eyes on her! … Read More >

Georgina Gown

Behind the Dress: Georgina

Any time I consider using a material that’s associated very strongly with tradition, I try to find the most modern articulation of that material that I can. … Read More >

Genevieve Gown

Behind the Dress: Genevieve

Genevieve is a very romantic dress, it’s completely ethereal, and it also has a Modernist soul that will speak to the bride in search of a design that’s complex and artistic. … Read More >

Gemma Gown

Behind the Dress: Gemma

There are so many beautiful aspects to the Gemma gown. … Read More >

Ghilian Gown

Behind the Dress: Ghilian

One of the exciting challenges I face each season when I’m designing a ball gown is finding new ways to create volume, without adding weight. … Read More >

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