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Behind the Dress: Hazel

Hazel is soft, it’s light, and it’s full of movement.

What’s so attention-grabbing about this dress is the bodice. It’s done with a hand-engineered fabric technique called “sunburst pleating.” What that means is we took a very lightly-pleated fabric, and swirled it all around the bodice, lightly but with precision, finally bringing it to that asymmetrical accent at the shoulder. … Read More >


Behind the Dress: Holly

Holly is a very sculpted, sophisticated mermaid gown, and in a new color for me, Petal. It’s a very delicate dusty pink, and it takes inspiration from those classic scenes of the Parisian ballet, those graceful young dancers that Degas captured for all time. … Read More >


Behind the Dress: Hayley

If there is any one dress in my Spring 2012 collection that epitomizes the pageantry of the Paris Opera, it’s Hayley. The centerpiece of this dress, for me, is the absolutely stunning, theatrical cascade of organza petals in the skirt, all cut from the most delicate tissue organza. … Read More >


Behind the Dress: Hayden

Hayden is pure grandeur and glamour—pleating at its most extravagant! Full of theatricality and boldness, Hayden is the “big sister” gown to Hazel, a different interpretation of my sunburst pleating technique that I believe makes a truly luxurious statement. … Read More >


Behind the Dress: Harper

Harper is a strapless mermaid gown that features one of my keynotes for the spring collection: the cinched waist, which speaks to youth, the young maiden, and of course my delicate ballerina muse. … Read More >


Behind the Dress: Harlow

The way a dancer can bring the crowd to its feet with a drawn-out, well-executed pirouette: that’s the excitement I wanted to capture with Harlow. … Read More >


Behind the Dress: Hannah

This is one of the pieces in the Spring 2012 collection that stands out for its simplicity: Hannah is an incarnation of that perfectly pristine, youthful, innocent performer, who’s going to ravish the crowd with the sheer beauty of her movements. … Read More >

Anna Torv

Sketch to Dress: Emmys Edition

Congratulations to all the women at the Emmy’s! … Read More >

Mila Kunis

Sketch to Dress: Mila Kunis

Did you know Mila Kunis’ gorgeous Golden Globes gown was made in only four days? … Read More >

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Gown Sketches

From sketches to dresses! Vera’s shares her insight behind Kim Kardashian’s wedding gowns… … Read More >

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