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Impressionism, Fashion, & Modernity

Impressionsim, Fashion, and Modernity at the Museum of Modern Art … Read More >


Vera Wang Bridal | Monterrey

Our gorgeous store in Monterrey, Mexico … Read More >


Postcards from St. Barth’s

An exclusive peak at The Vera Wang Gang’s holiday travel diary… … Read More >


Where to | San Francisco

A guide to all things San Francisco … Read More >

Images | Courtesy of Red O

Where to Eat When You Shop | Beverly Hills

The menu is strictly slow cooked Mexican dishes as well as “California-style” dishes. … Read More >

Image | Courtesy of Tetsuyas

Where to Eat When You Shop | Sydney

Chef Tetsuya Wakuda has created a serene ambiance in the midst of the fast paced city life … Read More >


Paris Market Week

See what our sales team got up to in Paris in between appointments … Read More >

Photography | Charmaine Ayden

London Town

A look into Vera’s bridal store at Browns in London … Read More >

Image courtesy of Comme Ca

Where to Eat When You Shop | Los Angeles

Comme Ça recreates the mood of a bustling French eatery for an LA audience: warm, welcoming and casually glamorous … Read More >

Image courtesy of Chaya

Where to Eat When You Shop: Beverly Hills

The concept of Chaya restaurants are simple, they create dishes with fresh ingredients picked from local farmer’s markets … Read More >