Vera Wang

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Wedding Websites

Wedding Websites in 3 Easy Steps

With today’s technology it has become easier and much more popular to create wedding websites. Here’s an easy how-to from … Read More >

Bridal Runway

Vera Wang’s Ethereal World: Fall-Winter 2011 Bridal Collection

While we wait with bated breath for the bride to make her first entrance—what delicate confection will take hold of our imaginations? … Read More >

Anne Chertoff

Guest Editor: AOL’s Anne Chertoff

Anne Chertoff, Editor-in-chief of AOL’s Aisle Dash, wore a Vera Wang strapless gown for her wedding in 2003. Here, she tells us what her dress meant to her and what makes a Vera Wang gown so special. … Read More >

Carley Roney

Guest Editor: Carley Roney

Wedding planning Web site,, has inspired millions of brides, grooms, and gift-givers since its launch in 1996. Carley Roney, Editor-in-chief and founder, has seen bridal trends come and go during her 14 years covering bridal fashion. We asked for her take on Vera Wang’s influence since founding her business. … Read More >

Photography: Brides Magazine

Guest Editor: Millie Martini Bratten

Millie Martini Bratten has been Editor-in-chief of Brides magazine for the last 16 years. (The magazine itself just celebrated it’s 75th anniversary last year.) With an eye for all that bridal history, we asked her to give her thoughts on 20 years of Vera Wang wedding gowns. … Read More >

Elizabeth Taylor

Silver Screen Brides: Elizabeth Taylor in “Father of the Bride”

Once upon a time, Elizabeth Taylor was not the legend we know and love, with Academy Awards for “Butterfield 8″ and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” under her belt, and seven ex-husbands to her name. … Read More >

Kazanjian Red Diamond

Hunt for Red, in October

For gem lovers—or just about anyone with some time to kill on the Upper West Side—a visit this fall to the American Museum of Natural History’s Morgan Memorial Hall of Gems is in order. … Read More >


Beyond the Round: Modern Diamond Cuts

The traditional round cut diamond, created in 1919 by a mathematician named Marcel Tolkowsky, might be the golden standard when it comes to engagement rings today, but that hasn’t stopped some of the world’s top jewelers from inventing a few new cuts. … Read More >

True Prep

Wii Tennis, Anyone?

Lisa Birnbach’s back with “True Prep,” an updated guide for the preppies and prep-spotters of a new century that helps us all to stay “prep’d” in a changing world. … Read More >

Koh-I-Noor Diamond

Diamonds Are (Almost) Forever

We won’t argue with the fact that no matter how you cut them, diamonds are glorious, and they will always be a girl’s best friend. Just like veils, flowers, and tossed garters, they’re a part of wedding tradition in America that seemingly goes back to before anybody can remember. But where and when did the obsession with diamond wedding rings begin? … Read More >

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