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Behind The Dress | Lark

Lark is all for that gorgeous, siren-like bride who wants to celebrate her body … Read More >


Behind The Dress | Louisa

It’s unabashedly princess; it’s almost a ballet or opera character come to life … Read More >


Behind The Dress | Liesel

It’s sweet and timeless, idealized, with a pure, romantic heart, and at the same time, it’s living in a very sophisticated world of design … Read More >


Behind The Dress | Lisa

With Lisa, I wanted to find a new way of looking at decoration … Read More >


Behind The Dress | Lillian

Lillian personifies the romantic siren, and really takes lace and floral motifs in a fresh, sexier direction … Read More >


Behind The Dress | Laura

Laura is one of the most whimsical dresses in this collection … Read More >

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Behind The Dress | Leah

You might say Leah is a gown that calls out to our inner flamenco dancer. … Read More >

Modern Bride

What The Modern Bride Is Wearing

Vera sat down with The Telegraph to talk about designing wedding dresses for all kinds of modern women. ¬†Click the image below to read the entire interview. … Read More >


Behind The Dress | Lara

See the Lara gown come to life … Read More >


Behind The Dress | Lindsey

All the details on Lindsey! … Read More >

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