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8ZTWqh_cg88zc7hrwCerlyqZqbOXn2hREyPWgzF3-AQ,FUUoSaw6z0u9cF8VpnA07bZGvfQcO63Ibjs-3f1xREE,0XdaYVcfMfjWNCy-1DFalM0DepdwgA67XKS41neV_AQ,QL5L4U6RVkFauorKubgy3uIUxlStU6ZdMZIf66obo9YBride’s Name: Anastasia Seely

Spouse’s Name: Alden Wallace

Gown Style: Mabel

Boutique: Vera Wang Bride (Greece)

Wedding Date: June 14, 2014

Location: Spetses, Greece

Photographer: Collin Hughes Photography


Tell us your story! How did you and your spouse meet?

We met on a photo shoot we were both working on back in 2010. We seemed to gravitate towards each other the entire 4 days we were shooting.  After the shoot wrapped, Alden immediately asked me out and we’ve been together ever since!



Give us the details on your proposal. What little things made it particularly special?

Hope you’re ready for a story! A year ago this past May a waiter at a NYC restaurant handed me a note from Alden sending me on a two-day wild goose chase around Manhattan, finally ending in Southampton.  This note, the first of 15, stated:

Moby Dick is a real page Turner

Go to classroom 808 for your next clue

I had twelve hours to determine where to even begin what would be the ultimate scavenger hunt of my life. The next morning, after much frustration and thought, I finally solved the first clue. It lead me to a JMW Turner painting depicting a whale at the MET in gallery 808.  From there another clue lead me to a shop in the village, which lead me to a candle store in Lower Manhattan, which lead me to a tiny old bookstore, and so on, and so on. Each place had another clue and present waiting for me to discover. After two days wandering around Manhattan following the invisible string Alden had tediously laid out for me, I found myself at a cottage in Southampton with a wrapped box on my lap containing the final clue. I opened the box to find a go-pro camera (switched on to record my reaction) and a mini baseball bat (something I collected many of as a child). The words Anastasia Seely Wallace will you marry me?  were inscribed on the thick part of the bat.  And there next to me was a kneeling Alden with a ring in his hand.



Selecting a wedding dress can be quite a process. How did you know VeraWang was the right choice for your big day?

Trying to find a wedding dress was a disaster until I walked into the Vera Wang Boutique in Athens, Greece. Moments before entering the store, I had been discussing kids names I liked with my mother and my Aunt in the car.  I had mentioned how much I loved the name Mabel. We had gone to the boutique to buy a handmade Stefana (the Greek crowns worn during a traditional Greek ceremony), but the second we walked in, a gorgeous elegant gown caught my mothers eye. Double parked outside, we decided to quickly try the wedding dress on. It was perfect! Simple, elegant and timeless. We asked for the name of the dress and the very helpful saleswomen told us I was wearing the Mabel.  It was a coincidence I couldn’t ignore!



How did you accessorize your wedding-day look? What bridal accessories did you wear and why did you choose them?

I fell in love with the elegant simplicity of the Mabel gown. I didn’t want my accessories to outshine the refined sophistication of the dress, so I kept things simple. I wore antique pearl earrings borrowed from my mother that resembled the beautiful lace cap sleeves on the Mabel.  On my wrist,  I wore an evil eye bracelet that was given to all our guests as they were welcomed to Spetses for our wedding weekend. It was a special moment when I realized all our guests including my soon to be husband were wearing the same bracelet. 




Was there a theme or palette you were working with for your wedding? What was the inspiration behind it?

Since we decided to get married on a Greek Island, I wanted the beautiful surroundings to take center stage.  My mother and I found an amazing villa on a cliff surrounded by olive groves. The property also contained a tiny Greek Orthodox church where the ceremony took place.  The grounds were very rustic and uncontained, something I loved most about the property.  In keeping with the rustic charm, all my bridesmaids and flower girls wore custom made white lace dresses lined with natural french linen. The white lace beautifully contrasted with the elegance of the simple white Mabel dress but resembled the lace on the cap sleeves.  A thick wreath of beautiful white baby’s breath decorated the doorway of the church resembling lace as well.  The reception took place in the olive grove overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. We had 3 very long tables placed between each olive tree row twinkling with string lights. Long garlands of green herbs and lavender ran down each table, cascading onto the ground at each end.  Homemade Surprise Balls (a family tradition) wrapped in red/orange crepe paper were placed at each seat to give a pop of color.



In addition to your wedding gown, was Vera Wang part of your wedding in other ways?

I wore my favorite Vera Wang perfume throughout our wedding weekendIt’s a fragrance my now husband loves!


Did you incorporate any specific traditions into your wedding? Such as the old adage “Something old, new, borrowed, and blue?

Being Greek you tend to be very superstitious.  That being said, there were a couple of traditions I incorporated into our wedding and something old, new, borrowed and blue was definitely one of them.  My something old and borrowed were the delicate pearl cluster earrings my mother lent me. My aunt gave beautiful blue lace panties (that I wore under spanks of course!). And my something new was my stunning Vera Wang Mabel dress.



Any advice to share with women who are about to embark on this incredible journey of planning their wedding and selecting their wedding dress?

Enjoy every minute of it! It’s a magical time in your life from the moment you get engaged.  Even when things get difficult or seem to be falling apart you never know when you might double park and walk into a store to find your perfect dress. Some things are kismet!


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