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As much time as you spend trying on bridal gowns and creating your wedding-day look, there should be a devoted amount of time dedicated to the look of your wedding. It’s important to choose a wedding venue that fits your needs, but it’s even more important to make the setting your own. From table decor to reception styling tips, Vera has all the answers to your wedding decor questions.   Table Decor 2   Wondering how to get everyone in the mood for your reception? Start with the tables, because everything from the shape of the table to the number of guests per table to the seating chart will determine how the reception flows.For example, crowded tables encourage conversation while more elbowroom feels formal and luxurious. Standard shapes save costs on table linens, leaving you more of a budget for lighting or music.   Table Decor 3

Guests who are sure to dance should be seated near the dance floor, and they’ll get everyone else on their feet. If you get the tables right, the rest is sure to follow.


XO, Vera

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