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While you’re focusing on every detail of your wedding-day look, it’s important that you don’t forget the most important bridal accessory…your groom. He may not spend as much time trying on different styles that flatter his figure, but he should look just as dapper as you are beautiful on the big day.

Black by Vera Wang, exclusively for Men’s Wearhouse, is a collection of two stylish tuxedos, one in classic black, the other in modern charcoal, available for purchase or rental. Once he has a tux selected, make sure he adds his own personal style to his wedding-day look with the right accessories and maybe a pop of color to coordinate with the wedding’s palette.

Below is part two of our conversation with Will Welch, the Style Editor at GQ who dispenses expert advice to ensure that your groom looks his best as he walks down the aisle.

For a same-sex wedding, how can two grooms look complementary but not exactly the same while sticking to black-tie?

The great thing about a tuxedo is that, even though every man wearing one is following the same basic set of rules, we all end up looking totally distinct from one another. Like individuals. Like ourselves. That said, if the two grooms are feeling too matched up and something’s gotta give, one guy can wear a midnight blue tux, or black tux pants with a cream dinner jacket.


There have been a number of menswear trends for groom’s over the past few years, are any of them past their prime, and why?

Patterned Socks: Socks with colors or patterns are great if you’re wearing a suit—let it rip. Or just don’t wear socks at all (another recent menswear trend). If you’re wearing a tux, though, stick to black socks. Or white, if you plan on wowing your new in-laws by doing the moonwalk. Or a black and white pattern, if you simply cannot pass on the opportunity to express yourself via underwear for your feet.

Colorful Pocket Square: Again, great with a suit, but if you’re wearing a tux, stick to white.

Sneakers with a Suit: Not if you’re the groom—it’s too clever by half. You’ll probably regret it in five years, if you don’t already regret it when you’re standing at the altar. That said, wearing sneakers with a suit is totally cool if you’re a guest, as long as the wedding is pretty informal, the sneakers are minimal, and you know what you’re doing.


Cummerbunds? Vests? Suspenders? Go!

Cummerbunds have been out of fashion for a while now. I think they’re prime for a comeback. I’ll be wearing mine next chance I get.

Vests, however, still look dated. Especially those paisley ones from the formalwear rental shop. (Speaking of formalwear rental shops, remember that you can now buy a decent tux for the price of just one rental. In addition to looking universally bad, rentals no longer make economic sense.)

Suspenders always have been and always will be a good look. Nobody will know you’re wearing them til the wedding band launches into “Single Ladies,” the dance floor heats up, and you take your jacket off. Nicely played.


For more on groom style and wedding advice, check out and pick up the June issue of GQ, on newsstands now.

Will Welch is the Style Editor at GQ, where he has worked since 2007. Previously, he was Deputy Editor at The Fader, an independent music magazine. He grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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