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Light ivory strapless stretch mikado mermaid gown with hand draped bodice and sculptural floral and pleated silk organza skirt with raffia accents

In Mae, sleek stretch Mikado and a beautiful bouquet of rosettes make this one of the most romantic gowns in the collection this season. From the soft curves in the body, to the lush contrast of textures, every part of this dress comes together in a way that creates a totally glamorous picture of the bride.

Every season I do a stretch Mikado dress, because it’s a fabric that instantly makes you feel comfortable and confident. It moves with your body, and eases up throughout the day as you wear it. Here, I’ve used it in the bodice, with a very delicate sweetheart neckline leads that into a sweep of very light, asymmetrical draping. It creates an incredibly flattering silhouette!

The skirt is where the dress really becomes quite spectacular, with all the exaggerated rose petals, tight pleating, and dense variations in texture that I love to incorporate in some way each season. It all starts with geometric rose petals. First, geometric rose petals—rosettes—start at the top as really small, tight clusters. They suddenly get larger and more dramatic as you get towards the hem.

I’ve also incorporated organic, highly textured flowers made from raffia, a very crispy material—it reminds me of something very organic, like straw, or papier mâché. When you weave the raffia in between all these floating, airy layers of transparent pleated organza and circular rosettes, a very interesting tension starts to happen between soft and hard textures. In the end, the skirt incorporates all the different textures that flowers naturally have, and really turns them into sculpture.

Mae is a complete celebration of life and movement. Whimsical and organic, she’s the bride-as-bouquet!


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