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Light ivory and black sheer back strapless mermaid gown with silk faille trapunto stitched bodice and silk satin faced organza

A few subtle, elegant details elevate Mira into a vision of precision—the curve of the neckline mirroring the curved outline of the hip; a geometric cutout in the back; the mermaid skirt as a nearly two-dimensional plane of crisp organza. Mira is a very modern gown, yet with a simplicity that makes her timeless.  

She’s completely unadorned, which I feel makes the graphic impact of the black and white color blocking even more effective. The corseted, strapless bodice done in faille gives a lot of structure on top, with textural trapunto top stitching along the bones in the front, and in the waistband in the back. Again, it’s all about lines in Mira, whether it’s the lines the top stitching traces along the boning, or that seductive line created across the back. I love how unexpectedly sensual geometry and architecture can be when it’s employed in something as traditionally romantic as the bridal gown.

The skirt radiates out from the jet-black bodice, like light emerging from a shadow. A continuous cut of crisp satin organza—seamless except for a side zipper—all veiled with the thinnest, wispiest layer of French tulle overlay . Beyond the contrast that color blocking creates, there’s also just a play of the rigid faille against the floating skirt.

With no frothy layers, or appliqués of any kind, Mira is the minimalist’s dream. And yet, the sensual play of architectural lines gives the dress such an understated, classic sophistication that will thrill the romantic bride, too.

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