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Bride’s Name: Loren Guttman Klein

Spouse’s Name: Casey Klein

Gown Style: Helena

Boutique: Bergdorf Goodman

Wedding Date: February 22, 2014

Location: Brooklyn Museum - Brooklyn, NY

Photographer: Nathan Smith and Joanna Toto for Ira Lippke Studios.

Tell us your story! How did you and your spouse meet?

Casey and I met in the 10th grade, but we didn’t fall in love until ten years later. In high school, Casey had a not so secret crush on me that he reportedly developed after he picked up my pencil in English class. Though he was persistent to no avail, I wasn’t interested. We got together with friends in Miami 10 years later and wound up talking until 4 a.m. Ultimately, it was that night that we really “met” and started our journey together.

Give us the details on your proposal. What little things made it particularly special?

Casey proposed on his birthday weekend just about a year ago. I came home late after taking my little sister and her best friend to their very first concert. That evening my dad told me he was having dinner with Casey alone, so I wondered if something was going on. When I got home there were no candles, no rose petals, and Casey was in his PJs- so I concluded that it was an ordinary night. I put on my coziest PJs- purple, zebra print, and very fuzzy. When I walked out of the bedroom he was on his knee with cupcakes and champagne. I was momentarily upset that this moment would be forever memorialized with my not so flattering PJs, but I still said yes. The next day we went to our favorite hideaway in Bedford, where he had intended to pop the question, and we were greeted with all the frills. It was beautiful, but in the end I realized how special it was to be engaged in our PJs at home.

How did you accessorize your wedding-day look? What bridal accessories did you wear and why did you choose them?

I got the good advice that on your wedding day you should look like the best version of yourself, so I had my hair and makeup done not unlike I often wear it and accessorized the dress with classic, delicate pieces. I wore diamond drop earrings, a pearl and diamond bracelet, a long veil, satin peep toe shoes and, of course, my wedding band and engagement ring.  Down the aisle I wore a simple white belt, but for the reception I changed into a navy velvet belt, which matched the color worn by our wedding party. I borrowed white wedge sneakers from my best friend as a precaution, which turned out to be a lifesaver by 1 a.m.

Was there a theme or palette you were working with for your wedding? What was the inspiration behind it?

Casey and I both love older structures with a story. The Brooklyn Museum and the Wythe hotel, where we got ready with our wedding party, are unique spaces with a rich history.  We immediately fell in love and knew that both locations were the perfect fit. As far as decor, we hoped to capture a feeling of classic beauty and romance. We wanted a lot of candle light and flowers with soft earthy tones. Most importantly, we wanted the room to be full of warmth and ready for a rockin’ party.

Did you incorporate any specific traditions into your wedding? Such as the old adage “Something old, new, borrowed, and blue?

At our wedding we wanted to honor the memories and traditions passed down by each of our families. We had a traditional Jewish ceremony and incorporated keepsakes from our loved ones- the Kiddish cups for the wine, the Talit to dress the top of the chuppah, my garter, Casey’s watch, and my bracelet all belonged to previous generations of our family. We recognized the wedding as an opportunity to share our family’s history and build new traditions together.

Any advice to share with women who are about to embark on this incredible journey of planning their wedding and selecting their wedding dress?

Be present and don’t sweat the details. The celebration goes by so quickly and the couple should remember to enjoy every moment. Fortunately, even when it’s over it’s all still just beginning!

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