Vera Wang

Vera Unveiled







Light ivory and black strapless gown with silk faille bodice, hand draped silk faille skirt and contour band accent at neckline.

Just like a Modernist painting, Meredith is a particularly elegant study in how a single, clean line can be elevated to epic proportions. The focal point of the dress is a geometric arc at the neckline—a band in the bodice that scoops upward to reveal a very tiny flash of skin. Usually you’ll find that kind of architectural detail in the backs of my gowns, but in the front that little glimpse of skin is so sharp and refined.

The neckline is complemented with a corseted bodice, composed out of dense, structured silk faille, with a pointed basque waist and top stitching along the bones. It creates this really lovely, sculpted outline of the bust.

The skirt is made out of a featherweight faille, much thinner and crisper than the faille—almost like taffeta, but not as shiny. Hand-draped pleats, with voluminous tucks and bustles, capture a lot of air, carrying it like a balloon underneath—a featherweight sculpture. The contrast between the heavier faille of the top and the feather faille on the skirt makes Meredith regal, but in a completely modern way.

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