Vera Wang

Vera Unveiled





Ivory corded rose lace strapless A-line gown with black web lace back detail.

Classic, regal, and powerful: When Margo enters the room, you can almost hear the trumpets sounding. First, there’s the crispness of her A-line silhouette. Then as she moves towards you, you see that the dress is covered in a dramatic, head-to-toe sweep of finely worked, abstracted Chantilly rose lace. It’s romantic in a very polished way.

Despite the spectacular impact of Margo’s first impression, I’ve always loved putting a special stamp on the bride’s exit, whether it’s an elaborate train, or simply an unexpected, quiet touch.

For a collection that focused more on minimalism, I wanted the exit to be a subtle yet striking gesture. I turned the back of the bodice into a miniature canvas collaged with inky tones of black web lace. Then to add contrast, I extended two pieces of that circular rose lace onto either side of the bodice—the two laces overlap and intermingle, yet remain graphically distinct. I love the impact that black can have on a field of white. It’s a simple yet effective way to punctuate the negative space of the gown.It’s a subtle detail, but one you’ll notice from across the room. As Margo moves through the room and you’re given a closer look, it’s all the more enticing—just like all my favorite works of art!

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