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Light ivory and black strapless multi lace gown with hand pieced Chantilly lace appliqué details.

Margaret is a gown that encapsulates the best of both worlds for me—it truly is a fairy tale gown, yet it has all of the architectural precision that was such an important part of my vision for the Spring collection.

The romantic fairy tale aspect is easy to spot in Margaret—that fabulous full ball gown, with its diaphanous layers of tulle. There’s volume there, but it never feels heavy. But what makes this dress truly modern—the standout detail—is the unexpected layering of color in all the different types of laces.

There’s black chrysanthemum lace at the sweetheart neckline, graphically cut out into shapes and placed like fallen blooms over a very bold, almost avant-garde geometric web lace pattern, which is applied to the bodice until it comes to a point in the basque waist.

The grand finalé of lace comes after that, with all those carefully placed, hand-pieced Chantilly lace appliqué details floating along the top of the skirt. Chantilly lace is a very traditional lace of leaves and flowers, so I think it’s an exciting counterpoint to that almost futuristic, fractal-like web lace. With the rich tonality in the bodice and the architectural building up of lace upon lace, Margaret is a modern vision for the romantic bride.

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