Vera Wang

Vera Unveiled






Light ivory and black one shoulder silk faille gown with hand wrapped detail at bodice and hand draped accents on skirt.

Manon is one of my favorite gowns for Spring—it doesn’t get any more impactful than the pure contrast of black and white. When I designed this collection, I looked at all the ways I could make bold statements in a very stripped-down, essential way, and black and white is one of my favorite combinations for this.

Because I wanted a very stark, color blocked effect, the dress had to be completely done in silk faille—no other fabric is as crisp or structured. Together, the ivory and black silk faille feels like ink on a page.

There’s also drama elsewhere in the dress—the volume of the skirt, for example. There’s hardly any crinoline, which is a lovely hidden surprise in this dress. Instead, the hand draping from the waist allows the faille to capture the air—a gentle swish announces her entrance and exit. It’s so perfect for the dance floor!

That kind of active movement inspired the bodice as well. The strap across the shoulder is almost sporty. And the way the black faille is draped over the corset, with some really beautiful directional pleats, it almost fits like a ballerina’s sweater. For a dress that is so full of graphic assertions, Manon is exceptionally graceful.



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