Vera Wang

Vera Unveiled





Ivory V-neck Chantilly lace soft mermaid gown with guipure lace accent.

When we think of a bride in lace, it automatically conjures up a romantic, flowery vision. But with Madeline, I wanted to challenge that idea. I came up with a way to work with lace in a way that felt new to me, to achieve a bridal look with a groundbreaking aesthetic.

Instead of using a single type of more traditional floral lace, I conceived of Madeline as a collage of three different laces. They all meet where the bodice meets the waist—it’s a crescendo of lace. I’ve sliced the bodice into a plunging V and placed a single panel of tulle-backed, fern-patterned guipure lace in the center.

As your eye is drawn downward to the point of the V, a surprise awaits—a softly sculpted peplum of geometric web lace that fans out from the waist. Though the peplum is an optional piece, I think the mixture of these three types of lace is what makes the dress feel so novel. It’s a way of turning lace into something distinctly modern and architectural.


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