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Behind The Dress | Louisa

Strapless draped tulle-bodice ball gown with crystal embroidery accented by floating pleated detail at the hip

Louisa is an absolute confection. There’s so much big, airy, volume in the skirt that you’re immediately picturing this bride swooning in the clouds. Louisa really speaks to the romanticist bride, who wants her ceremony to draw on some of the ethereal beauty and loveliness of her own daydreams: maybe her own cherished picture of that once-upon-a-time, fairy-tale wedding. It’s unabashedly princess; it’s almost a ballet or opera character come to life. It’s for the bride who isn’t afraid to dream big!

The bodice is a shade more restrained. It’s a contrast that brings out the best of both feminine worlds: below you have a very girly dreamland, and here you have a little more of a mature, but still very soft, and sensual look. Louisa is a strapless bodice which is hand-draped with individual pieces of French tulle, in a basket-weave pattern, so it’s got some angles, some dynamic shapes, and some decadent fabric textures. With a V-shaped dip the back, Louisa accentuates those beautiful shoulder blades, really setting off that wistful skirt with something just a bit more gathered and sculpted. It’s just a gorgeous way to present that bare upper back, and also to show off our bride’s form with a dropped waist, which elongates the torso in a seductive way.

Keeping with that sweetness and light in the bodice, there is also a set of crystal embroidery accents, placed so they curl, in a kind of vine, down either side of the dress, near the hip, into the skirt. You might see them and think of the grape vine, which is a traditional symbol of abundance and celebration; or you might just simply admire how beautiful it looks. But they’re there to catch the light and look playful at that crucial point where the bodice meets that full ball gown skirt.

The final touch, just a crisp, modern twist, is the multi-tiered pleating on the side of the skirt. It rhymes visually with her grosgrain bow, and it continues the line of beading, like the trail of a falling star. It’s just a hint of restrained elegance and craft in an otherwise marvelously wispy design.

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