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Behind The Dress | Leah


Strapless drop waist modified ball gown with corded leaf lace bodice and swirling bias cut table pleat flange skirt.

Ladylike, elegant, graceful, refined — lace traditionally evokes all these qualities. But what about a lace-infused gown that’s ready for a little cha-cha-cha on the dance floor? You might say Leah is a gown that calls out to our inner flamenco dancer.

She’s stunning on the top, with a sleekly articulated drop waist bodice covered in a densely-patterned corded leaf lace. The curved lines in this bodice are so subtle — a slight dip at the bust-line, and a seductive plunge in the back just below the shoulder blades. Everything plays off the body’s natural contours. This season, I wanted to bring a little bit of curvature into the fine details of my designs, and so you’ll keep finding these delicate contours; nothing is rigid-looking.

So in the bodice here on Leah, you get these balletic arcs, which then transition into something quite bold. A chaotic tangle of tulle takes over in the skirt just past the soft curves in the hip. Layers upon layers of pleated tissue organza and tulle unfold like a field of spring poppies, blooming and blossoming. There is so much movement and life in these tiers of organza, all cut in different widths. The pleats start with dense, compact layers at the top of the skirt that haphazardly fan out towards the floor. It’s pure theater, and a breathtaking spectacle. Every step the bride takes is an expression of perfect grandeur and dreaminess, with all those dynamic folds of fabric.

And though the skirt appears quite dense, and maybe even a little bit heavy, I’ve actually kept everything in this dress whisper-light by using paper-thin, transparent fabrics. The pleated flange just floats atop a cage construction in the skirt like a grand embroidery.

Leah is expressive and eloquent, but first and foremost, she’s a gown for the bride that wants to have fun.

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