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Behind The Dress | Lindsey

Floating corded leaf and embroidered circular lace strapless mermaid gown with bias organza and lace flange detail accented by crystal and pearl cluster embroidery at hip.

Lace is always graceful, with its precariously stitched-together threads, its intricate, patterns, and its delicacy. This is the kind of precious fabric that gets carefully preserved from one generation to the next, its remnants boxed away in tissue or under glass for future family members to discover and relish. It holds onto memories and will always tell a story, which is what makes it so fitting for a wedding gown. For Fall, I wanted to revisit these inherent heirloom qualities of lace, but I wanted the end result to be fully modern. With Lindsey, you have a decadent exploration of lacework. Four different types of lace used in a variety of ways in the gown make a sweepingly romantic statement.

Lindsey starts with a classic strapless mermaid silhouette, figure-hugging yet constructed to be extremely soft and comfortable. With a pliable stretch charmeuse lining, the corseted infrastructure is bendable and breathable. The dress is covered with a circular, netting-like lace, which has a very fine circular stitched pattern — it’s dense, but very elegant. On top of the circular lace, an appliqué of delicate strips of corded leaf lace float down the torso, for a dynamic, two-textured quality that plays gorgeously off the body. It all feels very light, very natural. Then there’s that effortless, swirling flange at the skirt, made up of bias tiers of Chantilly lace, circular netted lace and organza framed with bands of horsehair — a heady, dynamic bouquet of textures and patterns.

I didn’t go overboard with beading or embroidery in this collection, because I wanted the delicacy of the lace to really shine through. But in Lindsey I used the lace as a backdrop for just the subtlest hint of metallic bullion embroidery, micro pearl flower clusters, and little organza flower petals at her hip. It almost looks like a piece of lace engineered out of pearls and bullion. I find that just that slight touch of embellishment really works with the lace in the background — it’s never too overpowering.

Despite its complexity, Lindsey is really not a fussy dress — whether you’re getting married on the beach, or in a more formal setting, the dress will feel light, with enough special touches to give it that sense of splendor that will set the stage for the ultimate wedding story.

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