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This year, across all categories, Vera Wang’s ad campaign is inspired by the verdant beauty of the forest floor. Creating images for national bridal magazines such as Martha StewartTown & Country and Inside Weddings is always one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of our jobs on the William Arthur Marketing Team. This concept was challenging, unexpected, and incredibly fun. We thought we’d share our process:

PREPARATION: After reviewing Vera Wang On Weddings, we determined which invitation suites would resonate with brides and complement the campaign’s natural environment: Gold Border,Calligraphic Crest on PewterBridal Damask PocketLetterpress with Oversized Monogram, and Vintage with Banner were selected.

THE DAY OF: To simulate natural settings, we built three unique dioramas with varying depths, dimensions, textures, and features. Each invitation was then paired with an environment that flattered it’s format, size, and shape. We finessed each shot by removing or adding components, rotating items, and adjusting the camera angle. Each diorama was pruned and revised the throughout the day to create further variations in each scene.

Above Photography

The result: Five stunning, organic images that align with Vera Wang’s 2013 campaign.

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