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Behind the Dress | Karen

Karen is one of my most vivacious, fashion-forward dresses, absolutely perfect for my confident, Exhibitionist brides. It’s bold not only in the way it shows skin, but also in the way that it reveals the infrastructure. In the bodice, you can see a bathing suit-like top, made of fine, micro-draped French tulle, that molds to your bust and snaps around the back, which is otherwise completely bare. Over the cups in the front, there are two pieces of tulle, also micro-draped, in a V-shape, that sit straight up away from the skin, so it’s completely sculptural. There’s something that feels almost superhero-like about it. And with just a touch of that foliage-inspired crystal embroidery across the front of the bodice, everything comes together to make it one of my most distinctive looks. It’s very futuristic, and so fierce!

Once you hit the skirt, it’s absolutely frothy: a study in volume. The honeycomb tulle skirt has a “lifted” construction, because it has tacks in it to add dimension and give it some air. So instead of making it just a flat tulle skirt, it’s raised up in a few different places for a little extra bounce, without adding any crinoline to the interior. There’s also a little peplum that runs from natural waist at the bodice. Pleated tissue organza, tulle, and pieces of bias flange wrap from one side of the bodice, across the body, and then down the side in a cascade. The same thing happens in the back, creating this fluid path around the body, a swirling, sensational storm of wispy tulle.

Karen embodies to the fullest the kind of otherworldliness that I strive to imbue all my gowns with. It’s seductive, bohemian, and whimsical!

KAREN: Dahlia strapless open back, V-neck ballgown with lifted tulle skirt and tiered flange, hand-cut petal embroidered detail.
Photographer: Michael Beauplet

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