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Behind The dress | Kimberly

Kimberly is a modern princess dress. There’s the grandeur of a really full, lush ballgown, but it still allows you to show off your body. Design-wise, it makes a very bold statement with all the different uses of textures from top to bottom. These gorgeous textures start right at the neckline, with hand-cut Chantilly lace applique placed so that the edges of the lace sit against your skin like semi-transparent wisps of flower petals, or springtime leaf buds. It’s just a subtle touch of lace, but it’s very significant.

The body of the gown builds on that dynamic sensibility, with a construction that is all about continuous movement. From the bodice to the base of the dress, there are full-length, bias tiers of organza. The layers are uninterrupted, with no seam between the skirt and bodice, giving it this perfect fluidity. Everything about it is perfectly engineered to have diversity and movement. For instance, each horizontal layer of tulle and organza has been asymmetrically placed. No two pieces of bias strips on this dress are the same width, or the same size, or follow any type of pattern. They’re executed to flatter the body in all the right places, from the bust, which looks rounder and fuller, to the waist, which nips in and looks like it’s just melting away into narrowed hips.

There’s also this ruffled, cascading effect in the bottom of the skirt, where you can really see the light coming through, and where those different transparencies of the tissue organza hit. An almost-obscured, big, abstract flower floats in the base of the skirt – just a little burst of pleated tulle and eyelash tissue organza that is so lighthearted and joyous. Then on the back of gown, you have this beautiful, voluminous train that I’ve tacked and bustled, with floating pieces of lace applique inserted into the organza layers, so they pop. There’s a sense of controlled chaos that I love – it’s very effortless, even though all the elements have been very deliberately and carefully balanced.

Kimberly is a study in precision of the body, but at the heart of this dress, it’s all about a sense of playfulness. You’ll just want to twirl in it!



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