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Behind The Dress | Kaye

Kaye is a dress full of sweet simplicity, from the bride’s bared silhouette in the sheer, delicate mermaid bodice, to the simple grace of the ruffled bust and shoulder adornment, to the cascade of pleated tulle which leads the eye down the gown, to this very soft, very beautiful waterfall of pleats in the skirt’s base: soft and silent, but full of so much motion and detail.

The cascading pleats of tulle are the coup-de-grace that makes the gown. It’s done in chevron pleats, tiny, dense pleats that ripple like a running river, very delicately engineered. As it winds asymmetrically down the dress, interacting with the bride’s own silhouette, it sets off that visual contrast with the simple, body-inspired sheer texture of the bodice. I wanted to really draw this contrast between the layers of tulle and the drama in the pleats and the skirt, and the bodice’s clean surface.

Unlike some mermaid gowns, Kaye has a soft, forgiving bodice, made of stretch charmeuse, which draws in close around the body while still staying totally light and mobile. It’s like a second skin. It’s designed to give the bride that wonderful sensation of being almost bare, in that sheer, lightweight material. It’s a little vulnerable, and it’s so sweet and natural, perfect for a garden wedding, or a rustic, natural setting: it’s the charm and airiness of the spring season.

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