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Behind The dress | Kassia

Kassia is bold and hip. It has a very rich, textured look in the front, with so many layers happening and artistic decisions at work. The end result is harmonious, but there are also imbalances and asymmetries – even chaos.

The strapless gown has a hand-draped “V” pattern of French tulle, which is the main visual focus in the bodice. This drape defines the waist, and makes for a very light, airy dress: it’s soft around the hip where it’s nipped in, and then it flares out, again very soft. The structure of the A-line skirt is also very light – it’s basically just a cage of horsehair over tulle – so it flatters and conceals many different body types. It’s built up from so many individual elements, like a wild pattern of tissue organza around the hip, that seem almost uncontrolled and free-wheeling. The details, from the hand-rolled skirt to the crystal decoration to that gently sensual mermaid bodice, really pull the entire gown together. There’s a complete unity of organic, flowing, natural elements. It’s a look that would be perfect for a ceremony in the outdoors, or an especially rustic, heritage setting.

Kassia develops that whimsical theme with elements like the crystal decoration that wraps around the hip of the gown. The backings of the beading are antiqued, so it has a vintage, tarnished quality, as if it could have been uncovered in an attic. So the twinkling is a little bit more muted – a little bit of muddled brilliance gleaming through a gauzy setting. That’s echoed again in the floating crystals in the skirt, which are spread throughout, like dew drops, just very delicately gleaming and presenting something that complicates the view when the dress is in motion.

As a gown, Kassia is an artistic choice. It combines natural elements, floral elements, with some very bold, deliberate decisions. It’s got so much vitality.

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