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Behind The Dress | Kaitlin

With Kaitlin, I’ve taken a very traditional, almost whimsical style, which is the Basque-waisted gown, and tailored it into quite an exciting look. The dress takes this fairy-tale Basque-waisted bodice, meaning the bodice dips down at the waist into a point, and transforms it with criss-crossed, draped tulle and a thrilling notch-front neckline. This is done to emphasize the bride’s torso and to give her a very elongated, contemporary contour. Then there’s the modesty piece: that’s the hint of tulle veiling peeking up along the top of the bodice. When you see it against the bride’s skin, it both looks and feels ravishing. It’s a bit of an unexpected twist, contrasting with the bold layered tones of the draped bodice – it’s very sultry.

One very delicate, but dramatic detail, is the crystal embroidery. You can see it nestled into the waist in an organic shape, and it weaves around the waist and back, scintillating in a bed of tulle flower petals. This is a subtle adornment but it’s very powerful. It’s another fairy-tale charm.

The low ‘V’ cut back zooms in on the bride’s bare shoulder blades. This is such a sensual part of the view. I love an exposed back for weddings: if you can make it work, it’s so tender and feminine. Then you have the honeycomb tulle of the ballgown skirt, tacked in the front to give it a little bit of a peplum shape. It gives the whole dress some flounce and airiness, instead of a smooth drape. All in all, Kaitlin is a very soft and sweet gown.


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