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Real Wedding | Tiffany & Jason

Bride | Tiffany Tharp
Groom | Jason Garmon
Wedding date | October 15, 2011
Boutique purchased | Priscilla of Boston
Dress 12709
Location | Rosemary beach,  Flordia
Photographer | Lauren Kinsey

First things first, where did you meet your husband and was it love at first sight? Jason and I met at 2 of our good friend’s engagement party. We talked a little that night, but I never got the impression that he was flirting with me. His story would be much different than mine. He claims that I didn’t give him the time of day. A couple days after the party my friend called me and told me that he was very interested and wanted to see me again. About a week or two later we went on our first date. I came home that night and wrote in my journal that this was the man I was going to marry!

How did he propose? Three days before our 1 year anniversary Jason told me that he wanted to take me horseback riding. This didn’t seem out of the blue to me because I love riding horses and it was something that we had done a couple of times before. We drove up to Blue Ridge Mountain, Georgia and stopped in this cute little town to shop a bit and grab lunch. Jason was so calm and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. When we got to the ranch we went on a 2 hours ride through the mountains. It was amazing. Jason thought we would have some alone time, but we went with a group and there was never a moment to get away. After the trail ride ended I jumped off my horse and started heading to the car. Jason stopped me and said he wanted to get back on the horses and ride up to the top of the mountain and have the guide take our picture. This is when my heart started beating fast. Jason has never been the one to want to take pictures. I knew something was up. When we got to the top Jason pulled a ring box out of his pocket and started talking. I was so nervous I cannot even remember what he said. All I know is I quickly said YES YES YES and as he was trying to put the ring on my hand his horse jerked away. It was very funny. It was the perfect engagement for me and the perfect day.

Once the wedding plans started, what made you decide on a Vera Wang gown? Vera Wang was really the only designer I was interested in. I looked up all the boutiques that carried her dresses and planned on going to them to look. The day I found my dress I wasn’t even planning on looking. I had gone to Priscilla of Boston to look for Bridesmaids dresses and when I walked in the gown was displayed in the store. My mom insisted I try it on. It was the only dress I ever tried on. I knew the minute I put it on that this was it. I felt like a bride and I didn’t want to take it off. In the weeks to come I would make excuses to have to go to the store to look for things like flower girl dresses, bridesmaids dresses, ect.. but really I just wanted to stop in to try the dress on again. I LOVE my wedding dress and if I could wear it everyday I would.

We have an iPhone app, “Vera Wang on Weddings” – did you happen to use that in preparation for the big day? If so, how did it benefit you? I did download a Vera Wang app before I found my dress. I would use the app to look through all of the dresses Vera carried.

How did you accessorize to make your wedding day unique? I wore my Mom’s veil and a pair of special earrings she had in her jewelry box. I changed my earrings for the reception to a bigger more statement earring. I wore 3 bracelets that had lots of sparkle. At my bridal luncheon my mom gifted me with a piece of her wedding dress that she had my favorite verse embroidered on. She sewed it to the inside of my dress. Wearing my Mom’s veil and having her wedding dress inside of mine with my favorite verse on it was by far the most unique accessory of my wedding day.

What was the inspiration or theme for your wedding? WHITE and ELEGANT!!

Did you stay true to the Old English wedding rhyme: Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. If so, what were yours?

  • Something old – Mom’s earrings
  • Something new – My wedding shoes!!!
  • Something borrowed – Mom’s veil
  • Something blue – the embroidered piece of my Mom’s wedding dress sewn inside mine was embroidered in blue

What tips do you have for new brides picking out their wedding dress?  Buy a wedding dress that makes you feel like a Bride. You will know when you try on the Dress!!

What was your favorite part of the day? And, are there any other anecdotes you would like to share?  When the church doors opened, Amazing Grace was playing and I saw Jason for the first time. Walking down the aisle to him was my favorite part of the day. There were too many emotions in that moment that I cannot even describe it.

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