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Real Wedding | Irma & Javier

Bride | Irma Cantú
Groom | Javier García
Wedding gown style | Genevieve
Wedding date | May 26, 2012
Boutique purchased | Warren Barrón
Location | Monterrey, México
Photographer | Pepe Orellana Wedding Photography

First things first, where did you meet your husband and was it love at first site? Javier and I met since long time ago, through my brother and his cousin Monica. But it was in high school that we actually got to know each other better as friends. We were together in almost every single class, and in one of them we were together on a team, where he was the team leader, so he actually used that as a strategy. He used to call me so we could get together after class to do all kinds of “teamwork” for that Chemistry class. At first I actually used him because he is SO intelligent, honor roll and all (hahaah sorry I had to admit it) but then things just started to blend in, I realized he was my best friend (he always made me laugh) and when he told me “I Love You” the way he did, with his beautiful smile and eyes, I knew that what THAT made me feel was not a coincidence, he was meant to be the love of my life!

How did he propose? Javier’s hobby and passion is Photography so he had just purchased a new lens and another camera, and told me that he had organized this “workshop” to try them. He asked me to come with him, because he was going to need an assistant for the pictures he was going to take for this amazing restaurant that has an amazing city view and that we could go to the balcony and take some great shots of the city as well. When we got there, he had the entire balcony reserved just for the two of us with candle lights all around and a huge flower bouquet as the table’s centerpiece. At first I thought it was a surprise dinner because our 5.5 years anniversary was near that time, but then when he started to tell me these amazing and beautiful thoughts about a future life together, my heart started pumping. It was then that he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. We cried, hugged and kissed. It was soooooo romantic!

Once the wedding plans started, what made you decide on a Vera Wang gown? I am totally the girl that has been dreaming and imagining her wedding day since she was 10 years old. And whenever I thought of it, Vera Wang was THE only option. I swear there was no other option! She’s like this amazing god mother for all of those brides to be. So the day after the engagement, I started to browse around the Internet for Vera Wang dresses. The moment I saw Genevieve I was like “OMG THIS IS MY DRESS!!!” and then I asked myself OMG how am I gonna get it? I don’t live in the USA!

It was my sister-in-law that told me where to shop for it. She had purchased her wedding dress in the same store and told me they had Vera Wang! So my next move was to call the boutique and ask for Genevieve. Cecilia Barrón (one of the store owners) told me that she didn’t have the sample at that time but that she could get it for my appointment. This was meant to be. I flew to Dallas, TX and when I arrived at the store I couldn’t think about anything except for the dress and I don’t know why I was so nervous. Cecilia told me that she will not give me the dress to try it on unless I had seen at least 4 other options, because honestly I didn’t want to try anything except for Genevieve. I did try them, but they didn’t make me feel butterflies in my stomach like it was supposed to. And when I saw (SAW!! not even wear) Genevieve, I knew it was the dress. I tried it on! And there I was, this princess bride to be that I had always dreamed of.

We have an iPhone app, “Vera Wang on Weddings” – did you happen to use that in preparation for the big day? If so, how did it benefit you? When I found out about the app, I had already purchases my dress and most of the things for my wedding, but I download it anyway and it helped me for the reception’s and ceremony decoration. I wanted all to be romantic like the dress.

How did you accessorize to make your wedding day unique? I wore a long simple tulle veil and one beautiful Vera Wang belt that had tulle/crystal flowers with gold grosgrain.  It was the perfect combination to show off all those amazing tulle underskirt layers of the dress. I chose to wear a messy low bun with a beautiful crystal headpiece. My shoes were white Christian Louboutin heels and my earrings were designed especially for the occasion, by a friend and jeweler. They were flowerlike diamond earrings.

What was the inspiration or theme for your wedding? Since we are very passionate and romantic, I wanted the room to feel the warmth and love that we have for each other, so the theme was to make everything look like a fairytale garden. The use of big crystal trees, crystal flower vases and peonies as centerpieces for the reception, gave that sophisticated/chic ambience. For the religious ceremony, the aisle was covered with planters on each side, and arches filled with white flowers. At the end of the aisle, (front to the audience) four huge crystal and flower trees were the ones that gave that final touch to the ceremony, and it all looked so romantic, like a fairytale forest.

Did you incorporate any other Vera Wang products into your wedding? (I.e. fragrance, fine papers etc.) Yes, I incorporated my veil and belt to complement my dress both Vera Wang.

Did you stay true to the Old English wedding rhyme: Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue? I tried but I didn’t haha.

  • Old – No
  • New – My beautiful Genevieve Vera Wang gown
  • Borrowed – No
  • Blue – The garter had a little blue bow

What tips do you have for new brides picking out their wedding dress? They say that when you see THE dress you get chills all over your body, and I didn’t believe it at all until I saw mine. I hadn’t even worn it yet and I was already in love with it. So when you do fill those goosebumps and butterflies in your stomach, THAT’S IT! That’s the dress!

What was your favorite part of the day? And, are there any other anecdotes you would like to share? OMG! I don’t know. I mean, here in Mexico we tend to make huge parties with an average of 300 guests, mine had 370 so I definitely have too many to choose from. I think the most emotional part of the day was when my father gave me away. The look on his face was so special and speechless, he wanted to cry but at the same time he had this huge smile.

The best part of the day was definitely when we said each other’s vows, we wrote our own. Javier knew the exact words to say and his eyes were all about the truth, I couldn’t stare anywhere else. I couldn’t finish mine because I was crying haha, the guests laughed because I sounded like a baby trying to talk while crying. It was very emotional and definitely romantic. And finally the funniest thing was to see everyone dancing their butts out at the party! We sure know how to make a party last!, it all ended until 5am.  Everyone was having a blast and everyone was so happy with us, so that meant a lot!

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