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Behind The Dress | Kylie

Kylie draws your eye in, no matter where you look. There’s a romantic, dreamy quality to every element, from the eloquent corsage of airy tissue organza and tulle flowers at the neck, to the gorgeous asymmetrical draping of the skirt that sweeps the floor like a fluffy, inverted bouquet. The way everything is laid over with tulle creates this beautiful collage effect, so that all these exuberant touches suddenly take on a more subtle quality.

Kylie is a mermaid gown, but not a traditional severe version, with a skirt falling very low on the knee. Instead, the skirt starts much higher, flowing from the bodice asymmetrically, and much more fluidly. A soft swirl of delicate, micro-draped French tulle is stretched over the body from bodice to skirt in a way that softens the shape, almost like a brushstroke. It’s still very body-conscious, and very sculpted, but with an ease to the silhouette. It’s that lightness and airiness that is always such an essential part of any bridal collection I design.

Then of course, there are some very celebratory details, the things that really give Kylie its spiciness. First, there’s just a hint of beading, two-tone red stones, set into antiqued black backings, which really shine a spotlight on the bride’s delicate shoulders. It also has a low, V-shaped back that’s delicate and feminine, but still very sexy. The bodice is also very sexy, taking very fine French tulle and stretching it over the corset boning – which you can see just barely peeking through – and giving it a complicated basketweave effect.

It all comes together for a dress that is special, sultry, and delicate!



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