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As you prepare for your wedding day, invites, flowers, guests lists, and scheduling are always top of mind.  But superstition also plays a large part in a bride’s big day.  Here in the US the, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” rule is commonly put into practice.  Lets review some of the nuptial rules and traditions of brides around the world.  Which ones will you keep
in mind as you get ready to say “I Do”?

- English lore says that a bride will have excellent luck in marriage if she finds a spider in her gown on the day of her wedding.

- In ancient Rome, a bride’s veil was meant to disguise her from evil spirits who, jealous of her happiness, would try and do her harm on her wedding day.

- Greek cultures insist that the bride tuck a sugar cube into her glove before tying the knot so as to make her marriage all the more sweet.

- One Indian matrimonial fable states that if a cat eats from the bride’s or groom’s left shoe a week before they are to be wed then the two will have great luck in marriage.

- Unexpected rain showers are commonly associated with wedding disasters, but according to Hindu tradition it is in fact a sign of good luck!





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