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The amount of adornment on a gown should reflect the tenor of the celebration as well as the shape of the dress. There are two kinds of ornamentation – decoration that is added on and decorative details that are engineered into the gown. These can be used either separately or in conjunction with one another.

Added | Pipings, trims, borders, edges, handmade bows, clocards, silk or hand-rolled flowers, sashes and ties, buttons and fastenings. The list goes on and all of these can be done in so many different ways, shapes and forms.

Engineered | Embroidery, beading and hand painting.

Some considerations to be put into account…

  • Pearls are the most appropriate form of beading for a morning ceremony.
  • It is always best to avoid inexpensive beading.
  • The most extraordinary gown can be ruined by garnish beading and excessive ornamentation.

So the question is, To bead or not to bead…? To read and see all detail turn to page 192 in Vera Wang on Weddings.

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