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On Scent | The Significance of a Fragrance

Fragrance provokes the senses and conjures memory in inexplicable ways.  It also creates ambiance.  For these reasons, it would be entirely remiss of me not to devote some part of my book to a bride’s perfume.  The significance of a fragrance that captures all of the emotion, dignity and sensuality of a wedding is immeasurable.  Whether it is a personal favorite or a scent especially chosen to commemorate the occasion, a wedding fragrance is the most fragile adornment a bride can wear.  Intimate and subtle, a bride’s fragrance remains with her long after the ceremony is over.  I wore my mother’s perfume when I was married because I wanted to remember her.  Even today, I treasure the memory.

For a man, a woman’s fragrance evokes countless recollections: the memory of a first encounter, the scent of her skin on the beach, a lingering hint of her perfume.  Her fragrance recalls all that is unique about her.  Scent establishes a mysterious connection between time and feelings.  Scent also deepens our imagination and intensifies our sensual awareness.

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