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Introducing Local Knowledge on Vera Unveiled – your source to experiencing a city through the eyes of a local, from wining to dining, to culture and entertainment, to inspiration and relaxation. Local Knowledge is your go-to guide.

As Vera Wang Bride Monterrey is only a matter of weeks from opening, there’s no better time than the present to uncover everything that Monterrey has to offer…



Señor Tanaka is a trendy, high-end Japanese restaurant which has positioned itself as a reference of haute cuisine in Monterrey. Señor Tanaka’s attractive interiors and nightlife elements aren’t the only factors that have secured this little piece of gold as the go-to hot spot in Monterrey. Their menu, created by South American Executive Chef Francisco Gomez is really what has guests coming back for more.


Catalina Fernandez is a high-end pastry boutique which started in 1988 as a home bakery and is now one of the most well-known pastries boutiques in the city, offering traditional recipes with modern and sophisticated designs.


A modern and minimalist boutique hotel in Monterrey known for its excellent service, food, original design and architecture, not to mention their 360 degree view of the city – we’d stay just for that!


Drexel is a beautiful gallery located in the heart of the city displaying more than 125 exhibitions from more than 155 Mexican and international artists. It is a space focused on conceptual art, photography, paintings and sculptures. A peaceful hideaway where locals never fail to find inspiration.


Thann Sanctuary is an oasis of peace and tranquility, perfect for a day of complete relaxation and meditation. It is based on the art of natural therapy. One of the most exclusive spas in the city. It has highly qualified therapists that through different remedies and breathing techniques will transport you to a complete world of Zen.

Since March 2012 Vera Wang Bride has opened in GinzaMoscowKorea, Hong Kong and Sydney. The countdown to the opening of Kuwait, Monterrey and Shanghai are on the horizon.

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