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Flowers | A Definition of Beauty

Had I known more about flowers and their inherent symbolism when I got married, my wedding celebration might have looked and felt so very different. Although white, long-stemmed roses were an appropriate but somewhat obvious choice for a formal wedding, there are so many other flowers I could also have used for a more personal experience. No matter what your preference, flowers can be a welcome aromatic addition and a creative tool for self-expression.

By Season…

Spring | Apple blossom, cherry blossom, daffodil, dogwood, forsythia, iris, jonquil, larkspur, lilac, lily, lily of the valley, peony, sweet pea, tulip, violet

Summer | Aster, calla lily, dahlia, daisy, geranium, hydrangea, larkspur, rose

Fall | Aster, chrysanthemum, dahlia, marigold, shasta daisy, zinnia

Year-round | Baby’s breath, bachelor button, carnation, delphinium, gardenia, ivy, lily, orchid, rose, stephanotis


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