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All About Lace

The strong use of lace in Vera’s new Fall 2013 Bridal Collection gives the gowns a timeless and classic feel. The line is, after all, “All About Lace”.  But what is it about this fabric that so flawlessly expresses such an intense sense of tradition and beauty?

In 1840, Queen Victoria wed Prince Albert of Germany in a white dress that included a lace skirt, veil, and train.  It seems as though the Queen was onto something.  Not only is white the classic color for bridal gowns, but lace too has stood the test of time when it comes to getting married.  It is the ultimate wedding fabric.  It feels timeless because it has proven itself to be.

Lace adds a delicate but involved detail to a gown.  When worn directly over the skin, its effect is sensual, subtle, and personal.  When appliquéd to the dress itself, lace provides a sense of tradition and complexity, texture and character.  The overall effect is some kind of romantic nostalgia.  For the bride who wishes to embrace tradition, nothing says more about weddings than lace.

Photography: Paolo Roversi

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