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While at Home: Mario Grauso

“The House: Tribeca Grand”, as described in the September Issue of Harpers Bazaar is what Vera Wang President, Mario Grauso, and Brood designer, Serkan Sarier call home.  The TriBeCa loft is “meticulously decorated…looking as if every Nymphenburg creature has been artfully nestled in its spot for years” with the help of Big Mike, Mario’s secret weapon.

Described as a game of Tetris by Sarier, the loft pairs Mario’s practical aesthetic with Serkans somewhat precocious taste, which ultimately offers the perfect symmetry for this undeniably impeccable downtown loft.

Take a peek inside “The House” below and check out the full article on Harpers!

Finding a new space is one thing, but physically moving is a whole new ballgame. Harper’s Bazaar reports - “It’s all thanks to Grauso’s secret fixer: Big Mike.” “He brings like 20 guys and makes it all happen,” Grauso says as he surveys the sprawling, sumptuous loft. “And Mike is very big,” adds Sarier. Of course, Grauso and Sarier had done advance work including diagramming the floor plan of the three-bedroom apartment and numbering Polaroids of every George Smith sofa and Walton Ford print to a corresponding map. “Well, what do you want us to do at night?” jokes Grauso. “We’re either talking about fashion or we’re planning the house. I mean, we’re anal-retentive.”

“The resulting decor is a perfect marriage of tastes,” reports Elisa Lipsky-Karaz at Harper’s Bazaar, “reflecting both the fast-talking Grauso, a native New Yorker known for his power plays in the fashion field, and the charming Sarier, a young designer whose soft-spoken English belies his Turkish-Bosnian-by-way-of-Germany upbringing. The two are a yin and yang of the pragmatic and the exotic.”

Photography: Nikolas Koenig

While the pair have seamlessly combined their eclectic possessions—including a cabinetful of oceanic curiosities, enough art books to fill the Parsons library, and a suit of Japanese armor—they revel in picking up pieces to stock their new space, says Elisa Lipsky-Karaz. “Mario doesn’t hold back,” says Marjorie Gubelmann, Grauso’s shopping partner in crime, who has accompanied him everywhere from Sur la Table to Ted Muehling’s boutique. “He is loaded with bags. He’s like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman.” Much of what he buys will be gifts for friends or family. “He is very generous,” says Tory Burch, who in turn gifted them with an antique ivory hand from their mutual favorite shop, De Vera.

Photography: Nikolas Koenig

“It’s changed his whole life,” says Vera Wang.  “Mario is extremely lucky to have that energy around him. It’s experience paired with young energy. The two things together are kind of fabulous.”

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