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Behind the Backdrop: Fall 2012 RTW Show

Introducing Behind the Backdrop – a bi-annual blog post that will explore the meaning behind the aesthetics of Vera’s runway shows. Find out how our backdrop design, choice of music and lighting all contribute to bringing her new collections to life.

As we’re now only a week away from Vera’s Spring 2013 RTW Show, we’re taking a look back at the runway design for her Fall 2012 RTW Show…

Remembering Vera’s Fall 2012 Runway: A Modernized Cathedral

The backdrop for Vera’s Fall 2012 RTW Show echoed medieval forms while translating them into the aesthetic of today’s technological age. The centerpiece resembled a modernized shield, an inverted three-dimensional triangle with sharp lines and cutting edges. This futuristic armor was flanked by two wings; the pair of arced slices appeared to have rotated open, creating a warped ellipse of negative space from which the models emerged.

The backdrop created a beautiful complement to the collection, accentuating the clothing in both similarity and difference. While the multi-dimensional inverted pyramid reinforced the sculptural quality of the wool, felt, and fur pieces, its industrial steel material opposed those organic fibers. On the other hand, the looming weightedness of the backdrop contrasted the more ethereal, transparent fabrics, while simultaneously rhyming with their frameworks of geometric patterns.

Like the collection, these shapes drew inspiration from vaulted arches of 15th century Gothic cathedrals. But while medieval churches were characterized by heavy stone ceilings and dazzling stained glass windows, this metallic backdrop fused both solidness and light into one structural but also reflective form.

Here’s a look back at the full runway show…

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