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The Fabric Department: Prints Charming

Introducing our new bi-annual blog post, The Fabric Department, a source to connect and familiarize our audience further by highlighting the creative process and textile choice surrounding Vera’s latest ready-to-wear creations.

As the season of fall is on the horizon there’s no better time than the present to explore the fabrics that conceived the looks for Vera’s Fall 2012 RTW Collection.

Vera Wang Fall 2012 RTW Collection

If you had not noticed, prints were ubiquitous for the Fall 2012 runway shows. And while florals, stripes and polka dots have been on every editors’ lips for a few seasons now, the newest reiteration is both bold and charming; prints on prints! Donning prints head-to-toe creates a fresh, electric look. This trend found solace on the runway for Vera’s Fall 2012 RTW Collection. These beautiful prints are a custom collaboration with a storied mill in Italy, famous for printing rich, photo‐real images. Vera explored the architecture of the city’s Gothic, Italian Baroque and Georgian churches as inspiration for this collection. Photos were taken of their intricate ceilings, vaulted columns and stained glass windows. These pictures were then developed into kaleidoscope-style prints on chiffon, stretch chiffon, organza and other fabrics. The results are hushed, awe-inspiring prints that evoke the somehow booming stillness of steeples and cathedrals; grandiose designs in often silent atmospheres. Check out the Black Ghost Column Vault print silk organza top mixed with the Grey Star Vault print silk chiffon skirt. Combine pieces of matching prints with solid-­hued garments from the same color family; see the Tangerine Floral Vault print silk organza harness layered over an Orange silk dress with a matching Floral Vault print silk organza peplum. Or streamline your look with just one print, like the Blue Ghost Column Vault print featured below. Prints-­esses, your closet awaits!

Contributing Editor | Melissa DeLuca | Fabric Coordinator.


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