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Behind the Dress: Jacqueline

Strapless Chantilly lace ballgown with veiled tulle overlay

Who hasn’t dreamt of being the perfect princess on their wedding day? A wedding is a celebration of our lives as women, and the princess fantasy has been a natural part of that since we were little girls. I’ve always responded to this desire in brides, and it continues to be an inspiration for me in my collections. Jacqueline is for the bride who absolutely wants that romantic princess celebration, in true royal splendor.

For the bodice I created a very structured, defined corset, which leads into the rest of the dress through a couple of elements: a full, gathered waist, and through the floral motif in Chantilly lace applique. In the bodice there are actually two layers of tulle which drape over the waist, beneath the veil of Chantilly, and so you get an effect that’s impossibly luxurious, reminiscent of one of the grand regal gowns you’d see in a Renaissance portrait of a queen. It puts a huge amount of emphasis on the volume and fullness of the skirt, enhancing that royal fantasy once again.

And then there’s a great decorative touch, that is just as majestic: a floral motif which covers the entire length of the dress, from the bodice down, growing more and more complex and layered as you move. This is the kind of presentation I simply love making: showing off this tapestry of perfect shapes and details which practically overwhelms the eye, on any level you take it in. It’s so stately and splendid, and yet the delicacy of the Chantilly detail keeps it exquisitely modern.

There is a cathedral-length train to this gown, which is completely in keeping with the philosophy of Jacqueline. The train is fantastically textured and rich. Typically a train is delicate and wispy: what you get here is a big, defined sculptural work, which, although it’s frothy and never feels heavy, has quite a bit of baroque splendor to it. It’s just layer upon layer of tulle, with Chantilly lace overlaid very precisely. It’s all for making that iconic stately entrance.

JacquelineStrapless Chantilly lace ballgown with veiled tulle overlay PhotographerMichael Beauplet

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