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Behind the Backdrop: Spring 2012 RTW Show

Introducing Behind the Backdrop – a bi-annual blog that will explore the meaning behind the aesthetics of Vera’s runway shows. Find out how our backdrop design, choice of music and lighting all contribute to bringing her new collections to life.


The backdrop design for Vera’s Spring 2012 RTW Show was created with many juxtapositions in mind. Chic versus Hippie. Classic versus Contemporary. Uptown versus Downtown. The backdrop presented the optical illusion of a room at the top of the runway, backlit with a luminous blue glow, imbuing open and uninterrupted space and drawing feelings of both clarity and vulnerability. The room was constructed of white moldings and numerous entryways, which receded behind the runway at an exaggerated angle to give the room a sense of false depth and allurement. The sound of a ticking clock was also evident throughout the music to toy with the perception of fantasy versus reality.

The collection was inspired by the dreamlike story behind Alice in Wonderland. The room’s distorted dimensions revisit Alice’s first experience after falling down the rabbit hole. Just as Alice walked transfixed down the hallway built of different sized doorways, so too do Vera’s models as they pass through this room in a state of curiosity and entitlement. The room opened onto the runway with two large doorways, but the models only walked through one. It was as if the other was left open for the audience, a rabbit hole for the show’s spectators to pass through and somersault into the wonderland of Vera Wang’s Spring 2012 RTW Collection.

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