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Behind the Dress: Jessica

Jessica: Strapless mermaid gown with micro pleated bodice and sheared organza full skirt

This dress exemplifies a very modernist sensibility. I’m at home in modern: I like to work in subtle, unexpected shapes that surprise and delight. I’m always looking for new perspectives on the traditionally beautiful gown. With this gown, you immediately see the voluptuous textures in the front and back of the dress, which play off of and highlight the equally voluptuous line of this mermaid silhouette. I’ve tried to combine the sensual pleasure of this visual pattern with the sensuality of the bride’s shape, and I think it’s quite striking. Especially in the version in black, which we showed on the runway, the sheared organza flanges which make up the skirt are so dense, almost furry, and so beguiling—like a sorceress appearing in a column of dark flame. I love the way this skirt looks in motion. In black, I think of it as a raven taking flight.

I wanted the back of the gown to look organic, yet precise, and, of course, feminine. The densely layered fabric is manipulated in such a way so that it could almost be a blooming wild orchid. The bodice is done in micro-pleating, which is a technique that combines many tiny, geometrically precise pleats, so it creates the illusion of something like a brushstroke in enamel. It’s so crisp and gorgeous, and it balances the skirt beautifully. That balance and symmetry, as well as the architectural sensibility throughout the construction of this gown, mark it as one of my signature modernist creations. It’s the perfect dress for a bride who appreciates the thrill of a truly modern look.

JessicaStrapless mermaid gown with micro pleated bodice and sheared organza full skirt | CollectionVera Wang Fall 2012 Bridal PhotographerMichael Beauplet

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