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Inside Scoop: Adam Glassman

Welcome to The Inside Scoop on Vera Unveiled! Get to know how people met Vera, how they’re inspired by her work, what their greatest memory with Vera is and generally anything that’s seriously funny that we’d like to share with you.

Today’s Scoop comes from Adam Glassman; style expert and Creative Director at O Magazine.

What 3 words would you use to describe Vera? Brazen. Bold. Innovative.

What does a day in the life of Adam Glassman look like?

5:00am Wakeup
5:30am Meditate
6:15am Gym
8:00am Office

Each day varies in terms of what I am doing. Sometimes I am in the office for weeks at a time conceiving and producing all the covers, as well as the fashion, beauty and style pages of O Magazine. When I am not in the office I am at photo shoots for the magazine, either in NYC or on the road. I tend to live on an airplane, which is where I get my best sleep and read every magazine I can get my hands on. Throughout the day I munch on raw almonds and cashews and drink fresh orange juice from the juice press, which I am obsessed with. I start with a ginger fireball, then move onto punk (made of strawberry juice, ginger and beets), for lunch I have drink your salad and a green juice.

7:00pm-8:00pm Dinner, either I cook at home or go out with friends or business associates.

What made you want to work in fashion?
 Growing up I read Interview Magazine and Details Magazine (when it was a small downtown nightlife/fashion magazine). I knew immediately that this was the world I wanted to be in. I had a close family friend who worked for Halston and the designer Adri who introduced me to the fashion world. In fact, because of her I got my first internship at Donna Karan, the year she started her own line. 

What was your favorite celebrity Vera look and why?
 Hands down I love the red dress Vera did for Oprah for her Legends Ball. The color, the shape and the fit were perfection. Oprah radiated that night! Also, I loved Sofia Vergara in the red, coral and peacock blue dress; it fitted her like a glove! Oh, and Sarah Jessica Parker in the graphic printed stretch silk dress with long sleeves from Spring 2012 RTW – completely current and modern.

Do you have an interesting story/anecdote/memory involving you and Vera? 
One weekend I ran into Vera and Michelle Sanders in the shoe department at Barney’s and they were dressed like female urban warriors. Amazing parka’s, leggings paired with these insane boots! It really was a fashion with a capital “F” moment meets ab fab! I really enjoy the fact that Vera lives the lifestyle she creates.

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