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The Inside Scoop: Sasha Charnin Morrison

Welcome to The Inside Scoop on Vera Unveiled! Get to know how people met Vera, how they’re inspired by her work, what their greatest memory with Vera is and generally anything that’s seriously funny that we’d like to share with you - you’re going to love it!

First up, the [Inside] Scoop comes from fashion maven, Sasha Charnin Morrison.

Manhattan born Sasha Charnin Morrison is the Fashion Director at US Weekly Magazine, and boasts over twenty years of fashion magazine experience working for such notable publications as Allure, Elle, Harper’s BazaarSeventeen and Vanity Fair.

Sasha and Vera first met on a family ski trip in Aspen, and, well, the rest is history…

What 3 words would you use to describe Vera? Insanely influential. Talented. Which is actually too little a word to describe the genius of Vera because of what she’s created and owns. Insanely hilarious! That’s more than 3 words. I take direction but I’m a verbal rule breaker.

Tell us about ‘Casa de Sasha’? What is Sasha’s world all about? Educating. It’s a style tool to build knowledge from someone who has been around a long time: ME. And being allowed the freedom to post what I want, whenever I want it. Taking what I know, saying it in as few words as possible and showing people who follow me, that something amazing came before them. Pictures and words. No one cares or has time to research, so here I am with my manicured OPI fingers pinning and tumblr-ing. My world is about my kids and having fun.

You cover celebrity fashion – what is your favorite VW celebrity look and why? Old school. Nancy Kerrigan. WHO? Look it up! I love everything now but I can’t remember a scandal that raw that had an exquisitely dressed celebrity attached to it. Usually, everyone’s like a logo-wearing bull dog in a hoodie.

We heard Vera is one of the people that inspired your career in fashion, can you elaborate? I was around 16. I vacationed with Vera and my Stepmother Jade and my Dad in Aspen. I had never skied before and bought all this Bogner or Obermeyer or whatever-functional and ugly. Anyway, Vera comes down the run in a distressed leather Charles Chevignon vest from France, (they design the American “look” but make it chic-er) cream colored leggings and a crewneck top. Underwear! I mean, I had never seen anything like that or like her and I was like “DAMN! She’s so CHIC!”. And I knew that I liked her look - though I didn’t know that was a “look”. I went to Paris a little later with my mom and first stop was Chevignon to get the friggin vest which I still have! That’s influence! (And now I need those McQueen booties I saw her in last week and haven’t quite gotten over that one yet.)

 You and Vera have been known to cavort around NY and LA, what would we expect if we hung out with you two for a day? Bring a bedpan. I mean, you will pee all over yourself because it is nonstop. There is no silence. Constant high fiving, gossip, stories unsuitable for other people’s ears and of course spawns of book titles. We have more books or expletive Bravo show ideas than executives could come up with. And, why it’s great to be a fly on the wall and hear all of this is because everything we discuss whether it’s A list celebrities, reality TV or buying $4000 Louboutin’s with spikes to just buy for vacuuming around the house-it’s passionate.

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