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Inside Scoop: Andre Leon Talley

Welcome to The Inside Scoop on Vera Unveiled! Get to know how people met Vera, how they’re inspired by her work, what their greatest memory with Vera is and generally anything that’s seriously funny that we’d like to share with you - you’re going to love it!

This weeks Scoop comes from fashion icon and Vogue Editor Andre Leon Talley. Talley has been a front-row regular at fashion shows in New YorkParisLondon and Milan for more than 25 years. He uses his influence to promote young fashion designers and mentors young talent in other fields.

What three words would you use to describe Vera? Pioneer. Courage. Insomnia.

What would be your occupation of choice if you were not in fashion? If I were not in fashion, I would want to be an organic farmer, growing vegetables, or green lettuce, not raising any animals that had to be killed. Or having a beautiful country farm house and herding dairy cattle.

You and Vera worked at Vogue together once upon a time? Any interesting stories or anecdotes from that time? I only remember, when we were at Vogue, Vera was the only editor who was dressed head to toe in Chanel, with an Hermes Kelly bag. We all wondered how she could afford to go into the Chanel boutique in Paris, and come out, having purchased head to toe looks. I also love the moment in the documentary, The September Issue, on Vogue, where I visit her and say “I am starving for beauty”.

What is your favorite Vera celebrity look and why? My favorite celebrity look is Vera’s dress for Sofia Vegara at the Golden Globes this year.  It was perfect for this fireworks personality. And the color was gorgeous. It also fit her to perfection.

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