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What Kind of Bride Are You?

“Imagine all the complexity of human emotion and expectation at the crossroads of fantasy and reality. Then add considerations of tradition, propriety, sensuality and fashion, and capture all of that in one dress. It isn’t easy.” – Vera Wang on Weddings.

Wedding season is upon us and we’ve come to share some advice and inspiration (from Vera!) to assist in maintaining the picture perfect day with your partner (that you’ve always dreamed of!). “What Kind of Bride Are You?” will be running for this week (April 23 – 27), including 5 individual personas, each with a completely different perspective on design, inspiration, fantasy and reality. We trust after this week, you will find the personality that suits you!

Are you…

The Traditionalist 

A love of style always proceeds fashion.

“The Traditionalist looks beyond fashion to style. This may involve careful assessment of all her features, strengths and flaws and how she can make them work to her best advantage. Everything she wears conveys a distinct message of confidence and an unyielding devotion to style. Style icons like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy characterized a timeless beauty, poise and nonchalance that is still being emulated today. What they wore and how they looked seemed to express an effortless elegance. In reality, they were only being true to themselves – unique women with their own take on American style. The Traditionalist’s allure stems from a subliminal kind of sex appeal. A natural inclination toward casual grace is part of her fascination. She is also a woman who intrigues others by inspiring an aura of curiosity. Her wedding gown is dignified and refined. Subtlety can be captivating, when what lingers in the mind is barely perceptible at first glance. For The Traditionalist, decoration should be distinctive yet understated, as with hand-tied bows, fabric-covered buttons, delicate lace trims or subtle embroidery. A Traditionalist’s gown is always relevant and timeless.” - Vera Wang on Weddings.

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