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What Kind of Bride Are You?

Are you the Traditionalist? The Modernist? The Individualist? Or…

The Romanticist

Passion guides her every decision.

“The Romanticist is ruled by higher passions than the reality of the world around her. She considers life a marvelous adventure and revels in the opportunity to realize her deepest emotions. The Romanticist is transported by a dress. For her, fantasy is always a reality. Her innate femininity and love of beauty can inspire a gown of great fragility and enchantment. Delicate ruffles, billowing sleeves or a lavish train fully bustled are some of the extravagant details that epitomize a romantic wedding gown. Whether it’s a tulle confection worthy of Degas or an ode to Scarlett O’Hara, the Romanticist refuses to shy away from anything pretty. Her choice of attire never betrays her true nature. For her, looking girlish need not mean sacrificing style. Femininity and flirtation are her preferred tools of seduction, and she embraces them equally.”  – Vera Wang on Weddings.

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