Vera Wang

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What Kind of Bride Are You?

Are you the Traditionalist? The Modernist? Or…

The Individualist

Her desire for self-expression transcends all other considerations.

“The Individualist will go to any length to make a deliberate fashion statement. Personal expression is key. Unlike the vast majority of brides, who embrace the convention of a white wedding gown, the Individualist prefers to follow her own dictates, whether that translates into the choice of an unusual color or a more unexpected silhouette. Her outward appearance reflects her innermost vision and every creative impulse. Headstrong and opinionated, she wears her individuality like a badge of honor. For the Individualist, her wedding attire provides the ultimate forum for self-expression. Although she may not set trends, she is most definitely not a follower. You can always rely on the Individualist to provide a hint of the unexpected.” – Vera Wang on Weddings.

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