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What Kind of Bride Are You?

“While a woman has feelings of self-perception for every facet of love, today she has infinitely more possibilities than ever before. Rules are vanishing, bareness is no longer taboo, and veils are not always necessary. Freedom and invention abound.” – Vera Wang on Weddings.

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Wedding season is upon us and we’ve come to share some advice and inspiration (from Vera!) to assist in maintaining the picture perfect day with your partner (that you’ve always dreamed of!). ”What Kind of Bride Are You?” will be running for this week (April 23 – 27), including 5 individual personas, each with a completely different perspective on design, inspiration, fantasy and reality. We trust after this week, you will find the personality that suits you!

Are you…

The Modernist

Through the eyes of a Modernist the future is now.

“For a Modernist a sense of daring is always implied. Her frame of reference definitely represents an acquired taste, and one that arises from visualizing shapes in ever-changing contexts. Often rigorous or highly exaggerated, it also indicates a style of dress that requires thought. A Modernist design defies convention and frequently provides some rather extreme counterpoints. The wedding pouf I designed contrasts the stiffness of Duchess satin with the fragility of silk tulle. Plus, the collar functions as a hooded veil that rises from the shoulder. Sophisticated, no doubt, it also suggests the unusual blending of transparency and shape. For many, a Modernist’s dress might appear to be more of a concept than something to wear. And, like art, it may not necessarily relate to daily life. It demands great intellect and energy to be a Modernist. A Modernist always looks forward. She is the ultimate nonconformist.” - Vera Wang on Weddings.

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