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The World According to V: Every Piece Has a Story

Welcome to ‘The World According to V,’ your weekly behind-the-scenes glimpse into Vera’s world. Vera’s avatar will take you anywhere and everywhere she goes, providing you with exclusive access and breaking news!

Accompany Vera on model fittings, shopping sprees and trips near and far. Peek inside her Design Studio, her closet and other never before seen spots…


“Modern, medieval, luxurious, hip, sophisticated…” XxVera

A closer look at Vera’s “Vis-a-Gris” inspired collection at its best! Here, V plays dress-ups and takes a personal feel of each look from her Fall 2012 RTW Collection before sending them down the runway.

A sensual silhouette—long, narrow, leggy—extending from a high neckline; caught at pep-lumed hips. Clothing as sanctuary: The body protectively enveloped in the soft armor of a fitted sheath, the sharp discipline of fencing-inspired jackets, the structured carapace of a coat. The female form revealed by smoky transparencies that allow a glimpse of skin and of delicate lingerie not meant to be hidden, but seen. 

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